The Summit takes place over a 10-hour time period and all delegates are welcome to join as many sessions as they can. However, we have spaced the timing so that the earlier sessions are focused on the European market and the later on the Americas. 

All timings are in GMT. However the event platform will show you timings in your own time zone. 

9:00 - 10:30 Pre-conference public sector breakfast session - ‘Ask the experts’

This off-the-record session is only open to the public sector and will be an opportunity for participants to speak openly about some of the challenges affecting their own projects. As well as hearing candid talks from some of the contracting authorities who have been through the process, there will be the opportunity of asking questions and debating the topic with other public sector peers. 

Session led by Hogan Lovells and with a expert panel including: James Main - HMRC, Patrick O’Connell - formerly DWP and Tim Care - Ward Hadaway

10:30: Platform opens to private sector delegates with space to network virtually 

10:45 - 11:30: Session 1 - Fireside chat: setting the scene with the IPA and SFT

  • How prepared for expiry are most projects?

  • When in the project’s life should you be gearing up for handback? And in reality, when are people gearing up? 

  • How large is the handback challenge? 

  • What is the worst case scenario for leaving expiry too late? 

William McWilliams from Grant Thornton talks to SFT’s Peter Reekie and IPA’s Matthew Vickerstaff

11:30 - 12:45: Session 2 - Roundtable discussion: How to achieve a good transition

  • Agreeing good outcomes for all stakeholders

  • Establishing an agreed process and timeline

  • Assessing asset condition and managing handover

  • Where there are tensions how can these be resolved collaboratively?

  • How to best support transition without disrupting services and users?

Roundtable moderator: Patrick Hamill - Vercity

Roundtable participants: Chris James - Innisfreee

Darryl Murphy - Aviva

Donna Stevenson - SFT

Eddie Davies - Vercity

Martine Gagnon - IPA

Tim Jones - Deloitte 

1:00 - 1:45pm: Session 3 - Panel discussion: exploring the ‘lived experience’ of project expiry

  • Background to the projects

  • How your organisation approached expiry and how the process was managed 

  • What went right and what would be done differently? 

  • The outcome and general lessons for public and private sector

Moderator: Jeremy Brittenden - Hogan Lovells 

Speakers: Jennifer Chard - Ministry of Justice 

Adam Dakin - Telereal Trillium 

Max Curzon-Hope - Curshaw

1:45 - 2:15: Session 4 Panel: Beyond expiry: making your future services work for you

  • What are the options?

  • Developing your strategy: what do you need to consider?

  • How to get your strategy to work with your expiry obligations

  • Transition: planning for the hard work of implementation

Moderator: Zoe Watters - PwC

Speakers: Natalie Barron - Addleshaw Goddard 


2:45 - 4:30: The Workshops

Interactive workshop sessions conducted virtually using a series of breakout rooms and polling questions. 

Workshop 1: Setting yourself up for an efficient, effective and equitable (E3) handback and expiry

An off-the-record session for contracting authorities and equity holders in how to best gear up for handback and to manage and negotiate the expiry period. 

Workshop led by  Max Curzon-Hope - Curshaw and Graham Thomson - Affinitext

Workshop 2: Managing handback expiry and expectations 

An off-the-record session looking at the public and private sector drivers when managing the expiry and expectations leading up to and at the end of a PFI contract. 

Workshop centered around a handback conversation with Karan Mangroo - Robertson FM and SFT’s Peter Reekie 

4:45 - 5:30: Session 5:Panel: International expiry best practice

  • A closer look at the the international expiry landscape

  • What can we learn from the more mature markets of UK, Canada and Australia

  • Applying lessons learnt to the US market 

  • Operational management best practises to gear up for a smooth transition

Moderator: Paul Jarvis - P3 Bulletin 

Speakers: Adam Shaw - Anser Advisory

TBC - Equitix

5:30 - 6:15 Session 6 - Panel: Preparing for expiry: The Canadian experience

  • How is Canada preparing for the first wave of contract expiries?

  • How do preparations compare across asset classes?

  • Learning from other projects and markets to manage the process

  • Incorporating public and private sector best practices

Moderator: Lisa Mitchell - CCPPP

Speakers: Fiona Cochrane - Infrastructure British Columbia

Kirk MacCulloch - Fairwyn Developments 


6:30 - 7:15: Session 7 -Fireside chat: exploring an expired project

  • Background to the project

  • How the process was managed 

  • What went right and what would be done differently? 

  • The outcome for public and private sector

  • How can the lessons to applied to other projects

  • What would you have done differently during procurement to ease the handback process? 


7:15 - 8:00: Session 8 -Presentation: Planning for handback during procurement 

  • Why it is important to plan for the end of the contract from the start 

  • Embedding the expiry process into the procurement and contract terms 

  • Managing the relationship during the contract’s life to ensure a smooth transition

  • When to start gearing up for project expiry

Alex Hilgeman, Josh Lalonda and Adam Shaw - Anser Advisory 


8:00: Close of the conference