About the event

The Handback Summit is a global virtual event that will focus on some of the biggest issues that are likely to emerge in the expiry of public private partnerships (PPP) projects. 

Exploring real life examples and input from a wide range of industry professionals to build a picture of the PPP projects as they enter into their final stages. Furthermore, the summit will consider how professionals in both the public and private sectors can take a long-term view of the assets involved so that the end of a contract does not necessarily mean the end of investment in much-needed public services. 

This virtual summit is designed to educate on the future of infrastructure assets after PPP contracts come to an end. With a global reach this summit will educate those from before contracts are signed right through to the final handover of assets, looking at lessons learnt and the full lifecycle of the project.

The format

The conference will be taking place as a live virtual event using our custom conference platform and managed by our AV partner Vive. 

The panels will take place in real time with the opportunity of setting your questions directly to the moderators. The workshops will be run live with the moderators splitting attendees into groups. The workshops will be off-the-record and tailored to the needs and interests of the participants.