Handback Summit

We are delighted to announce the inaugural annual Handback Summit will take place on 26 January 2022.

Showcasing innovation in the expiry of PPP projects, this global virtual event will bring together those who have managed the expiration of their project contracts, with the public and private sectors who are about to embark on the process. 

The Summit will focus on some of the biggest issues that are likely to emerge in expiry procedures, while exploring real life examples with input from a wide range of industry professionals. 

Topics covered with a series of panels, case studies, workshops and fireside chats include: 

  • Breakfast session: Off-the-record public sector only discussion 
  • Panel: How to achieve a good transition
  • Fireside chat: Setting the scene with the IPA and SFT
  • Panel: Exploring the 'lived experience' of project expiry 
  • Workshop: Setting yourself up for an efficient, effective and equitable (E3) handback and expiry
  • Panel: Innovation in the post-handback agreement 
  • Workshop: Challenges faced by MSPs, SPVs and FM COs
  • Panel: Expiry management - Canadian style 
  • Panel: Embedding handback during US procurement

We are looking for partners with experience in the managing of handback to lead sessions. To find out more please contact kirsty.wilson@haymarket.com